Mommy MeOur Mommy & Me program is designed with the specific needs of an 18 month - 2year old in mind. For that reason, our class will use the parents to help us to orient their child to the workings of a classroom, while at the same time encouraging the child's natural movement. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through the use of music, dance, and their favorite obstacle courses. The amount of growth seen in each child by years end is truly amazing. When each class is ready, we will no longer need the aid of the parents. When the time has come (usually after about 7-8 months), our teachers and assistants will be able to work with just the children.

Mommy Me3Each child will start to develop a sense of musicality. They will further develop their skills utilizing obstacle courses. They know they love it, and we know they are developing essential life skills! They will learn to take turns and work with other children. Most importantly they will learn to follow directions. All skills needed as they progress not only in dance but in school and throughout life.

At the end of the dance year, dancers and parents will perform in our end of the year performance together. Performances are optional but must be decided by December 1st.