curriculum Discounts!

Beaufort Academy of Dance offers discounts to families with more than one student enrolled. Please inquire at our office for more details.  

Families with mulitple dancers will receive a discount on tuition.  The 2nd child will receive 15% off tuition, the 3rd child will receive 18% off, and the 4th will receive 20% off tuition. If you have 2 children signing up the computer will automatically figure your discount.   If you have 3 or more children signing up.  PLEASE come into the office to register so we can make sure you receive the correct discount.  




The placement of a student in a particular dance class at the time of registration is subject to change during the first few months of classes, in order to ensure the maximum learning potential of EVERY student in the class. Although age and experience are considered when placing a student, it is the student's ability, effort, and attendance that ultimately determines which class is best for him/her. Interest is kept when there is progress and development. Irregular attendance slows both.